T-REX is the actual exhibition in Cap Sciences. It opened in February 2014, and will be running for a nearly a year.

How does Navinum work ? 

Just like the « Cervorama » exhibition, T-REX is C.YOU connected. The visitor creates his account upon arrival or signs in at the digital counter. If he has participated to previous exhibitions, he can consult his points and view the unlocked challenges.

As we said in the video, TREX has been designed using C.YOU as a breadcrumb trail. Digital activities are scattered in the exhibition. A huge digital touchscreen also allows the visitor to send by e-mail his T-Rex’s drawing to anyone.


A Pierre BAUDIER_2014-02-20_16-25-07-


When connected, the visitor can save his productions in his personal account. An e-mail with all his contents is also sent to his e-mail adress. Additional contents are available on

What is the technology/equipment used ? 

  • The digital activities have been developed using Unity3D
  • RFID / NFC cards
  • Tablets

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