Digitally Yours / Numériquement vôtre

« Numériquement vôtre », digitally yours in English, was an exhibition on the evolution of digital technologies throughout the years, that took place in Cap Sciences 2011.

How does Navinum works ? 

Navinum enables the visitor to save the videos, images and texts he has consulted during his visit of the exhibition, in order to have a clear idea of how much he has seen, and how much content is still available, as part of a second visit, or a virtual visit. In the exhibition, the visitor has to physically unlock the contents in each visit zone, whereas on the internet, they are all fully available.

Navinum allows the visitor to take part to a survey. At different checkpoints during the visit, the visitor can answer questions regarding his use of digital technologies, and discover at the end his « digital nature ».

Navinum is also a way to contribute to scientific research. Using 3D interfaces, the visitor can express the emotions he feels while listening music extracts, and the way he reacts to sounds that are compressed to MP3 formats. All the user data collected are given to research.

What is the technology/equipment used ? 

  • All the multimedia are developed in flash.
  • The user interfaces are available on touchscreens in the exhibition, as well as online, on the exhibition’s website.
  • The scientific research aspect of the exhibition was only available in Cap Sciences, on PCs.

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