Mega-Math / Matthissime

This exhibition about Maths was held from February to September 2012

How does Navinum works ?

Navinum helps the visitor choose between three math level : easy, intermediate and expert. The visitor can then test his logic and math capacities, on 10 different multimedia. At the end, the visitor can measure what he has learned and express his feeling towards his learning in mathematics, and compare it with other visitors in the exhibition, or on the internet. On the internet, connected and anonymous visitors do not access the same way to information. For teachers, Navinum offers a special « educational pack », with additional contents.

What is the technology/equipment used ? 

  • Multimedia are developed in Flash.
  • 10 touchscreen in the exhibition that support the multimedia.
  • Available on the internet on the exhibition’s website.
  • 8 surveys on PCs (user interface touchscreens)

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