The research and industry Gallery

The exhibition’s topic was about industry and research innovation in the Aquitaine territory.

How does Navinum works ?

Navinum offers three visit routes to the visitor.
• « Unknown » : a visit route on hardly accessible informations : what hides behind the Landes try centre, a trip in the Mega-Joule laser…
• « Classic » : what is commonly know in the region : the Pyla sand dune, vineyards…
• « Frenchy » : local prides like aeronautics, the invention of the tin can or social sciences.

During his visit, the user can take on several quiz, and scores are saved in Navinum. Changing itinerary and playing again is possible.

What is the technology/equipment used ? 

  • Multimedias are developped in Flash.
  • The itinerary is designed using 8 multimedia, that the public can use on touchscreens in the exhibition.

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