Know your public, maximize their experience


Any-device connectivity

You can connect any kind of active or passive exhibition peripheral to Navinum: RFID cards, mobile phones, motion-detection cameras… As long as the device can do HTTP, you can use it!

Admin interface

A graphical interface allows you to design your visit course and each interaction step. Define what kind of data you want to store for each connected application.

Libre software, open source

Navinum is libre software under the terms of the GNU AGPLv3 license. Its SDKs are licensed under the CeCILL-C and LGPLv3 licenses to be included in any kind of app you design.


Full content of the user database is available via RESTfull API. Navinum also offers Websockets and other various mechanisms for advanced inter-devices features.

Cross-platform SDKs

Navinum provides libraries to include in major development environments: Android, iOS and HTML5 toolkits.

Target flexibility

Navinum was designed with museums in mind, but can fit any tourism or knowledge related site. Just tune the visitor experience in the admin interface!

Get an architecture and technical overview (6 pages PDF, 106Kib).