C.YOU, generating scientific culture

Based on Navinum’s technology, C.YOU is the service created by Cap Sciences. C.YOU is a new visit experience for the public. Cap Sciences’s goal in designing such a service was to diversify the museum’s offer, to reach a younger public (mainly 15 to 25 years old, using gamification) and build the foundation of a greater digital project. C.YOU is a mature project, built on different levels and at different times.The C.YOU project has been launched and open to the public early June 2013, and based on the « Cervorama » exhibition.

How does Navinum works ?

C.YOU offers the visitor to create a personal account, using the person’s e-mail address and letting them choose a password and login. For those who already had a Navinum account, they can sign in using that ID. The name changes but the functionality stays. Casual games played by the visitors unlock challenges and give out medals and points. The connected visitor’s scores are projected on a huge digital wall in the exhibition. All those informations (points, challenges..) can be found on the mobile app or on the internet on c-yourmag.net, in a personal space.

This website is dedicated to scientific content and add interaction between the museum and it’s visitors. C.YOU has been design as a link to each visitor, to bring cultural goods in a pleasant, useful and intelligent way.

What is the technology/equipment used ? 

NFC cards / RFID tags

Native dev IOS / Android

Websockets (real time )


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