Brainorama / Cervorama

« Cervorama » was last year’s exhibition (March 2013 to January 2014) on how our brain works, compared to the brain of certain animals.

How does Navinum work ? 

Cervorama is the most Navinum-connected exhibition created by Cap Science, and one of the first using C.YOU (the navigation service powered by Navinum).  The visitor can create his account before coming to the science center, from the IOS or Android apps. If he is already registered in C.YOU, his log in and password are enough.

A game-zone in the exhibition allows the visitors to measure their brains to one another. All the connected visitor’s scores appear on a huge digital wall. The best player of all time wins a special space on that wall. The players results are sent to scientific research on brain span.

The points won at each serious game feed one’s personal account. Because C.YOU is not only in Cap Sciences but also on the internet and on mobiles, points can be earned different ways : by commenting, voting, posting articles… The goals is to create a lasting relationship with the visitor, not only when he visits the exhibition, but anywhere, at anytime.


What is the technology/equipment used ?

  • The serious games are developed in Java for Android, ObjectifC for IOS and HTML5.
  • The framewok used to unify all these languages is Coco2D.




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