T-REX is the actual exhibition in Cap Sciences. It opened in February 2014, and will be running for a nearly a year. How does Navinum work ?  Just like the « Cervorama » exhibition, T-REX is C.YOU connected. The visitor creates his account upon arrival or signs in at the digital counter. If he has participated to Keep Reading ..

Capture cyour mag

C-YourMag .net is a website created by Cap Sciences. It is a scientific pure player, launched in September 2013. How does Navinum works ? Navinum allows the connected visitor to create playlists of selected articles. On each article a series of functionalities is available : commenting, voting, saving the article for a former playlist, sharing to Keep Reading ..


C.YOU, generating scientific culture

Based on Navinum’s technology, C.YOU is the service created by Cap Sciences. C.YOU is a new visit experience for the public. Cap Sciences’s goal in designing such a service was to diversify the museum’s offer, to reach a younger public (mainly 15 to 25 years old, using gamification) and build the foundation of a greater Keep Reading ..


Brainorama / Cervorama

« Cervorama » was last year’s exhibition (March 2013 to January 2014) on how our brain works, compared to the brain of certain animals. How does Navinum work ?  Cervorama is the most Navinum-connected exhibition created by Cap Science, and one of the first using C.YOU (the navigation service powered by Navinum).  The visitor can create his account Keep Reading ..


Experimenting Wood / Bois, faites l’expérience

This exhibition on wood was held in Cap Sciences from April to October 2012. How does Naviunm work ? Navinum offers the visitor to use sensory analysis techniques to express his perception of wood, and compare it to the other participants. A real-time data visualization is created a every instant in the exhibition. A group Keep Reading ..


Mega-Math / Matthissime

This exhibition about Maths was held from February to September 2012 How does Navinum works ? Navinum helps the visitor choose between three math level : easy, intermediate and expert. The visitor can then test his logic and math capacities, on 10 different multimedia. At the end, the visitor can measure what he has learned Keep Reading ..


Quod erat demonstrandum / CQFD

This exhibition was about the world of scientific research, and was held in Cap Sciences in 2011-2012. How does Navinum works ? Navinum records the visitor’s scores on two quiz in the exhibition. The results are available on the internet, along with additional content. The videos previously seen by the visitor are tags, so that Keep Reading ..


Digitally Yours / Numériquement vôtre

« Numériquement vôtre », digitally yours in English, was an exhibition on the evolution of digital technologies throughout the years, that took place in Cap Sciences 2011. How does Navinum works ?  Navinum enables the visitor to save the videos, images and texts he has consulted during his visit of the exhibition, in order to have a Keep Reading ..


The research and industry Gallery

The exhibition’s topic was about industry and research innovation in the Aquitaine territory. How does Navinum works ? Navinum offers three visit routes to the visitor. • « Unknown » : a visit route on hardly accessible informations : what hides behind the Landes try centre, a trip in the Mega-Joule laser… • « Classic » : what is Keep Reading ..



Consom’Attitude is about consumption. It was held in Cap Sciences between Febuary and August 2010. How does Navinum work ? Navinum helps the visitor discover his « consumer type », according to the awnsers given during the 10 checkpoints of his visit. Each checkpoint corresponds to a specific topic in the exhibition. Using Navinum, the visitor can Keep Reading ..