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The new cross platform you’ll love.

Navinum aggregates and shares visitors’ data in the museal context. It allows set designers to create a customized and dynamic experience, reinforcing the link between museums and their visitors.

Created in 2005 as a simple database to register Cap Science’s visitors and exhibition contents, Navinum has been refined over the years to become a wider project, carried by strong partners.

Navinum identifies unique visitors by recording personal data and scores of any interactive application. Based upon these and external parameters, it provides an adaptive visit and delivers specific content to each visitor.

In a digital context, Navinum also allows visitors to fully interact with any experience unit and with members of a group or a family in the same exhibition.

Today, Navinum is open-source software at your service. You can use it however you want. If you happen to try it, please give us some feedback!




Navinum can be connected to any device, inside an exhibition or outside.

It is your choice to use one type or another. Navinum’s RESTtful API is available from all operating systems.

Know your public, maximize their experience


Any-device connectivity

You can connect any kind of active or passive exhibition peripheral to Navinum: RFID cards, mobile phones, motion-detection cameras… As long as the device can do HTTP, you can use it!

Admin interface

A graphical interface allows you to design your visit course and each interaction step. Define what kind of data you want to store for each connected application.

Libre software, open source

Navinum is libre software under the terms of the GNU AGPLv3 license. Its SDKs are licensed under the CeCILL-C and LGPLv3 licenses to be included in any kind of app you design.


Full content of the user database is available via RESTfull API. Navinum also offers Websockets and other various mechanisms for advanced inter-devices features.

Cross-platform SDKs

Navinum provides libraries to include in major development environments: Android, iOS and HTML5 toolkits.

Target flexibility

Navinum was designed with museums in mind, but can fit any tourism or knowledge related site. Just tune the visitor experience in the admin interface!

Get an architecture and technical overview (6 pages PDF, 106Kib).

Living Examples

Navinum is as flexible as you wish

Make it yours


  • Creating an account

    User benefit

    • The account can be personal or anonymous. The users chooses to fill in personal information. Depending on that, Navinum will adapt itself.This account can be modified at any time by it's owner.

    Structure benefit

    • Establishment of user database
    • Study of visitors / statistics.
    • Relevant information collected
    • Study of visitors / statistics.
    • Permanent link with the visitor
    • Additional service offer.
  • Choice of the visit route

    User benefit

      The user can acess to a "special" visit route depending on specific Navinum criterias. It can be a question of age, knowledge level, disability...

    Structure benefit

      Multiple set design.
      Many-in-one exhibition

  • Collecting user's data

    Structure benefit
    A good to know better the visitors, and the opportunity to create exhibition that are more adapted to what visitors are looking for.
    Having the visitor's mail also allows the structure to send specific newsletters depending on the visitor's profile. A way to target communication.
    How to use it ? 

    • Precise user statistics
    • Assessment tooling
  • Saving data

    User benefit

      The user can at any time continue his Navinum experience wherever he stopped. This feature allows virtual visits and enable the user to get back to any content or personal production. Scores, events, data, everything is saved !

    Structure benefit
    Better user knowledge
    Suitability of mediation
    Better user relation design.

  • Multimedia

    User benefit

      The user can access any king of media. It can be sound, images, videos, websites, apps...With Navinum contents unfold naturally.The interaction with the museum is reinforced and the user benefits from a unique story-told experience.

    Structure benefit

    • Suitability of mediation
    • Adaptive exhibitions
    • Multiplicity of media
    • Easy media management

Cap Sciences

Behind the Navinum project

Cap Sciences’s digital team has been behing this project from the very beginning in 2005.

They grown the software and adapted it to the science center’s needs. 

Download and install Navinum

It's easy to get started!

Download latest versions

Android, iOS and HTML5 SDKs will be available soon.

Get the source code

Visit us on GitHub:   Cap Sciences on GitHub

All projects, source code repositories, how-tos and information are there!

Follow the Installation guide

Read the online installation guide to install Navinum in minutes, or get the full installation guide as PDF (for now in French only, translations coming).

Get support from Navinum team

If you ever need help during installation, or if you have any questions about Navinum, feel free to contact us on the mailing list : just send a mail to You don’t need to register, it’s very straightforward.

We will be pleased to hear from you!

Hey, we’ve made a video for you

Checkout how Navinum works in real life, integrated in an exhibition:

C.YOU® by Cap Sciences


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    Investissements d'avenir


    Cap Sciences

    Science Center

    Cap Science is the science center in which Navinum has been developed as a R&D program. Cap Sciences has then designed the “C.YOU experience” on top of the Navinum framework. C-YOU is a full navigation service aimed at enhancing user experience in museums. Learn more…


    Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux



    The INMEDIATS project is an opportunity to develop scientific culture on French territories. It has been selected for a grant from the “Investments of the future” programme within the scientific culture and equal opportunity category, put in place by the French government. Learn more…

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    Région Aquitaine

    Institutional partner

    The region is a strong institutional partner of Cap Sciences, and the Navinum project.




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    Processing Developement



    Design and communication Agency



    Clever Age

    Native development (Android / IOS)
    Information architecture



    Game developement

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    Web developement

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